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Preventing Water Damage - 6 Ways to Stop It Before It Starts

Water damage can turn into a major headache and a major expense – quickly.  Even the toughest of substances – like wood and cement – can be destroyed by water damage. 

Usually, water damage hits three areas – your bathroom, your kitchen, and your laundry room.  After all, those rooms are chock full of pipes.
But, there are ways to protect your home from water damage.  By following these _ tips, you can prevent major water damage from forming:

1. Look around your appliances on a regular basis

Your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, refrigerator, and sinks can all develop tiny leaks that you don’t even notice.  But, if enough water starts to build up on the floor underneath, it can start to eat away at your floors and even damage nearby cabinets.

2. Don’t ignore your grout or caulk

Grout and caulk are designed to keep moisture out of walls and floors.  But, even tiny holes, gaps, and cracks can let in plenty of water.  Before you know it, you can wind up with water stains and soft spots.

3. Keep an eye – and an ear – out

Sometimes our houses try to tell us things, but we don’t always hear what they’re saying.  Look out for clues that water damage is starting to form – like water pooling, water stains, soft spots on your drywall, and the sound of water running even when all of your faucets are turned off.

4. Don’t ignore your home while you’re on vacation

Unfortunately, plenty of people come back from a restful trip and see that their home is completely flooded.  Ask a friend or neighbor to stop by while you’re out of town.  If you can’t get anyone to check on your house, shut off the main water line before you leave.

5. Keep your pipes warm

It may not happen here much in the Bay Area, but when the temperature does drop, you need to take care of your pipes.  Covering them or letting your faucets drip can prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.  And, leave your cabinets open to let warm air in under your sinks.  A burst pipe can quickly cause a massive flood – leaving the inside of your home looking more like the Gulf of Mexico!

6. Don’t procrastinate

If you see a minor issue, get it fixed right away.  It doesn’t take much for a tiny water problem to turn into a water disaster.  Putting off repairs today could lead to major water damage tomorrow.

If you do fall victim to water damage, the pros at Damage Restoration Services can help.  We are a certified general contractor in the state of Florida CGC 061708.  We can handle everything from basic repairs to rebuilding large commercial buildings.