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How to Prevent Mold Damage Before It Happens

Mold damage can be downright dangerous.  Since it grows so quickly, you may not even realize there’s a problem until it has spread over large areas of your home.  But, you don’t have to fall victim to mold.  There are 7 ways to prevent mold damage from sprouting up around your home:

1. Get a dehumidifier

We have high humidity here in the Bay Area.  If the humidity outside makes its way into your home, mold will start to develop.  By getting a dehumidifier, you can stop mold in its tracks.

However, you will need to pick a dehumidifier based on the cubic footage of the area you’re trying to protect.  And, if you’re trying to protect a large area, it is better to have several small dehumidifiers than one giant one.

2. Make sure you have proper ventilation

Mold looks for areas that are warm and moist.  If you have enough ventilation, mold will not want to set up shop in your home. 
If you take a hot shower, then shut the bathroom door behind you when you’re done, you are trapping all of that moisture in your bathroom.  That’s exactly what mold is looking for.  Make sure that the steam from your shower has a place to go.  If you have a fan in your bathroom, use it.

3. Clean out your roof gutters

If rain water doesn’t have anywhere to run off, it will start to collect on your roof.  Eventually, mold will start to collect, and it will make its way into your ceiling.

4. Keep an eye on your houseplants

They may look pretty, but they can turn into a haven for mold.  Moist soil and damp leaves are a great breeding ground for mold.  And, since mold spores are so small, it’s easy for them to grow in your plants, then spread around to the rest of your home.

5. Don’t hang up wet clothes

Dry your clothes thoroughly before you stick them back in the closet.  If you have clothes that cannot go in the dryer, hang them up outside until they are dry. 

6. Don’t put furniture right up against walls

Leave an inch or two between your furniture and your walls.  If there is no gap, moisture can start to collect, and mold will start to grow.

7. Don’t ignore tiny leaks

Sure, a little bit of leaking underneath your kitchen sink may not seem like a big deal, but it can quickly turn into a major mold problem.

If you do fall victim to mold damage, the pros at Damage Restoration Services can help.  We are a certified general contractor in the state of Florida CGC 061708.  We can handle everything from basic repairs to rebuilding large commercial buildings.