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What Makes the Pros Different? 

The Equipment That’s Used to Repair and Restore Your Home

Here at Disaster Restoration Services, we know that the right tools make all the difference – especially during an emergency.  That’s why we only use the most state-of-the-art equipment. 

You can’t clean up flood damage with a wet/dry vac. 

You can’t get rid of mold damage with a bottle of bleach.

You can’t get rid of smoke damage with soap and water.

If you really want your home to get back to its pre-disaster condition, you have to take advantage of the newest tools and techniques.  The team of experts at Disaster Restoration Services uses the following equipment:

Thermal energy drying systems

Many homeowners think they can just suck up flood water with a wet/dry vac, then use a few fans to air out the area.  Unfortunately, it’s not nearly that easy.  By doing it that way, you’re depending mostly on evaporation to do most of the work for you, and it can take days for that to happen.  In the meantime, your home can suffer secondary damage – like mold growth.

We use professional thermal energy drying systems that can dry out an area twice as fast as anything else.  These machines are perfect for hard-to-dry-areas that are especially vulnerable to mold growth.

Omni wall drying systems

Walls are particularly vulnerable to water damage.  Whether you’ve had a flood, or had to put out a fire with water, your walls are like a sponge.  If enough water gets near them, they will soak it right up.  And, if water sits inside of your walls long enough, it can ruin your drywall, destroy your insulation, weaken your wood framing, and provide a breeding ground for mold.

Our Omni wall drying systems heat up to 120 degrees, which dries out your walls much quicker than other systems.  Plus, Omni systems are small enough to fit in cabinets, under sinks, and behind permanent furniture, so that no area goes untreated.

Professional dehumidifiers

It’s not good enough to just place a dehumidifier in the middle of your room and call it a day.  Instead, you have to get the right amount of dehumidifying equipment for your cubic footage.

At Disaster Restoration Services, our dehumidifiers automatically regulate temperature so that there is always a perfect level of humidity in your home – which leads to faster drying, and reduces the chance that mold will form.  Plus, our dehumidifiers are raised up off the ground, so that the floor underneath them also gets dry.

We also use desiccant dehumidifiers that contain a silica gel that actually absorbs water from the air.  When the gel is all used up, you simply replace it with more.