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Disaster Restoration Specialist Articles

Water Damage Caused by Sewage Back Up
A sewage back- up is a sticky situation. Not only do you risk significant water damage, but a sewage back up can also be a major health concern.

Water Damage to Hardwood Flooring
But hardwood floors are not 100% water proof, even with staining and sealing. Water spots that sit on the floor for long periods of time can cause discoloration so be sure to quickly clean up any spills.

How to Prevent Electrical Fires
Electrical fires account for a large percentage of fires in the United States and according to the US Fire Administration, 53% of electrical fires involve electrical wiring.

Family Fire Evacuation Plan
If you have to deal with the tragedy of a home fire, the most important thing you can have is a family evacuation plan.

How to Prevent Barn Fires
Barn fires are some of the most destructive fires and unfortunately they are not uncommon. More than 1200 barn fires occur every year in the United States.

Protecting Your Greenhouse from Wind
The weather can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous, especially here in Florida. Everyone has heard about the precautions that need to be taken if you are expecting a hurricane or storm. If you have a greenhouse you want to protect during high winds, there are special precautions you can take.