24/7 Service for Restoration and Repair of Damage from Water, Fire, Wind, Mold

Contract for Services

The undersigned authorizes Disaster Restoration Specialists to perform all repairs caused by on , to my/our property located at Address City State Zip

I/We are insured by .

Disaster Restoration Specialists agree to make all repairs to the above damaged property, for the amount of the estimate provided to the owner's insurance company. The estimate will constitute the total amount due Disaster Restoration Specialists from the owner to the extent paid by the insurance Carrier. Any modifications from the approved estimate may result in a unit pricing change or additional charges.

I hereby assign any and all interest I have in the proceeds from the payment of my insurance company on my insurance policy to Disaster Restoration Specialists and authorize my insurance/mortgage company to pay Disaster Restoration Specialists directly for such work. I authorize my/our insurance company to include the name of Disaster Restoration Specialists on all payments issued for work performed by Disaster Restoration Specialists. If payment is made to the undersigned, I will immediately endorse the check for payment of the work and furnish it to Disaster Restoration Specialists and I understand
I am individually liable to Disaster Restoration Specialists.

I/we understand that the items we will have to pay for are the following: 1) The insurance deductible or non-recoverable depreciation in accordance to the insurance policy. 2) Repairs by Disaster Restoration Specialists which are not caused
by the loss. 3) Code upgrade items not covered under the insurance policy. 4) Emergency services, in the event no
insurance coverage is available for the repairs made.

Governing Law: This Agreement has been executed in and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws
of the State of Florida applicable to agreements made and to be wholly performed in that state.

Attorney Fees: If this agreement is given to an attorney for collection or enforcement, or if suit is brought for collection or enforcement, or if it is collected or enforced through probate, bankruptcy, or other judicial proceeding, then client shall pay Disaster Restoration Specialists all costs of collection and enforcement, including reasonable attorney's fees and court costs
in addition to other amounts due. A service charge of 1.5% per month will be due on invoices 30 days past due.

Each party agrees to personal jurisdiction in any action brought in any court, Federal or State, within Pasco County, State
of Florida, having subject matter jurisdiction over the matters arising under this agreement. Any suit, action or proceeding arising out of, or relating to, this Agreement shall only be instituted in Pasco County, State of Florida. Each party waives
any objection which it may have now or hereafter to the laying of the venue of such action or proceeding and irrevocably
submits to the jurisdiction of any such court in any such suit, action, or proceeding.

The undersigned agrees not to disconnect, remove, turn off, relocate, or interfere in any way with the equipment used in connection with the work performed by Disaster Restoration Specialists. In the event the undersigned disconnects, removes,
turns off, relocates, or interferes with the equipment used in connection with the work performed by Disaster Restoration Specialists, the undersigned hereby releases Disaster Restoration Specialists from any and all damage, loss, rights, claims,
demands, and actions, by reason of any matter, cause, happening or thing, arising out of the actions of the undersigned.

Disaster Restoration Specialists agree to: Provide liability insurance. Perform any warranty repair upon complete and final payment.


I have read this and by my signature below agree to the terms thereof.

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