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Some home projects lend themselves to do-it-yourselfers.  But, if your home suffers from a fire, flood, hurricane, or mold, you need to leave the repairs to the experts.  Each emergency brings its own set of tricky nuances.  If you try to make repairs yourself, you could actually wind up doing more harm than good.

At Disaster Restoration Services, our restoration specialists have years of experience.  We know exactly what to expect after any disastrous situation.  We can professionally assess the damage and tell you if your home is still structurally sound, how much damage is lurking behind walls and under floors, what types of repairs are needed, and how long it will take for your house to become a “home” again.

Whether you are in Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, or New Port Richey, you have a group of trusted experts that you can rely on here at Disaster Restoration Specialists.  Don’t try to tackle disasters by yourself.  As soon as an emergency strikes, give us a call, and we will take care of the rest...  You have our word on it!

Water, Fire, Wind, Mold Damage Restoration Covered in All of Tampa Bay:

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  • New Port Richey
  • Oldsmar
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Water, Fire, Wind, & Mold Damage Restoration in Tampa Bay

"Responded immediately to distress call late on a Tuesday night, very professional and respectful of our property.  Asked by all workers many times, 'Is there anything else we can do for you?'” -Joie R.

Thanks for visiting the online home of Disaster Restoration Specialists – the Tampa Bay Area’s leader when it comes to fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, wind damage restoration, and mold damage remediation.

No one ever likes to think about disaster striking their home or office, but if the unthinkable does happen, you need experienced and reliable experts who have the skills to get you back to normal – quickly.

Here at Disaster Restoration Specialists, we take pride in helping you through what may be the toughest time of your life.  Nothing can truly prepare you for the shock of house fire, the devastation of a hurricane, or the disarray that water damage can leave behind.  We believe that it is our job to guide you through the recovery stage…  And it is a responsibility that we have been taking very seriously for years.

If your home or business is crippled by an emergency, we can step right in and start working to get your life back on track. 

We understand that disasters do not just strike during “normal business hours”.  That’s why we have a toll-free, 24-hour phone line – so that you can get in touch with our experts anytime you need to.  Whether it’s the middle of the night, or the middle of a three-day weekend, the team at Disaster Restoration Services is ready to tackle any problem you might have.  Give us a call anytime, at (888) 637-7911.

Not every fire, flood, or hurricane leads to a home that’s a total loss.  Just because your home suffered major damage doesn’t mean that everything you own is gone forever.  In fact, with the right tools, plenty of items around your home can be salvaged.  But, in order to save as many keepsakes as you can, you need trusted experts who can work quickly to salvage your valuables.  At Disaster Restoration Services, we have the finest training, tools, technology, and equipment to help you recover from any emergency, including:

  • Fire Damage Restoration:  our professionals can get right in and start cleaning out the smoke damage that the flames left behind.  At Disaster Restoration Specialists, we use the most cutting-edge fire damage restoration tools available to save as much as we can from your fire-damaged home.  In fact, we can salvage items that you may have thought were lost forever – like electronics, clothing, artwork, and even personal documents!
  • Water Damage Restoration:  our team of experts knows exactly how devastating water damage can be.  Whether you suffer massive flood damage or discover a leak, we have the expertise to clean up the mess.  By getting our water damage restoration team into your home as soon as you realize there’s a problem, we can start working on a plan to save and clean as much as we can.
  • Wind Damage Restoration:  the next time a hurricane rolls through, call the experts at Disaster Restoration Services.  Our wind damage experts can put secure tarps on your roof, lift trees off of your home, and patch up broken windows.  Our wind damage experts know how to guide you out of the eye of the storm.
  • Mold Damage Remediation:  don’t let your family fall victim to dangerous mold.  The longer you are exposed to mold in your home, the worse your health can get.  Mold damage is tricky; it only backs down when it’s attacked with professional-grade products.  At Disaster Restoration Services, we have the tools and training to permanently rid your home of mold damage – and prevent it from coming back.